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Bio Fuel SCM

Here is AME's wake up call for all the farmers!

Are you among the few who doesn't know what to do with the agricultural waste that fills your backyard?  We are ready to assist you! Inspired by nature, at AME we strongly believe that waste in all forms, whether physical discards, energy, water or any other resource is a sign of utility. In a healthy ecosystem nothing is wasted and there is efficiency in energy transfer and nutrient cycling.

Under the Supply Chain Management system we buy your waste for cost, for producing high-quality renewable products. We value your agriculture waste that has high calorific value.. This way you, not only get benefited but also become eco-friendly by favouring the nature that has favoured you so far!

Our  this  initiative  hopes  to bridge  a number  of gaps  by  building  a more  transparent  and  inclusive  supply  chain  system  that invariably does good to the farmers, to itself and to the environment  that we live in.







To be amongst the Top Three Green Power generating companies in India and be acknowledged as a professional, socially responsible and economic power generator.



To generate Green Power through Renewable Energy sources viz. Biomass,   Small   Hydro,   Solar   and Wind, delivered at competitive price while achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders with the committed participation of all employees and meeting environmental norms