AME primarily focuses on optimizing Plant efficiency through maximizing Power generation for which ensuring the availability of a sustained Fuel supply is must.

With due regard to safeguarding the environment, AME has now expanded its SCM through Contract Farming of energy plantation in all plant areas to ensure an uninterrupted supply of Fuel in future.  These benefits include….

Co-ordination and extension of technical support to farmers in identifying the right type of Energy plantation based on their soil quality.

Adoption of non-arable farm land for plantation.

Enhancing the income potential of the farmers through Energy plantation

At AME as we strive to ensure green energy, we are also happy to be involved in Energy Plantation activities in and around our plants.

The collaboration and tie-ups with the institutions known for their expertise in the Green Plantation has helped in,

  • Best Cultivation Practices,
  • Identify crops best suited for cultivation
  • Buy back of energy plantation produce as fuel

Our initiatives in developing contract farming and arrangement with FCRI, Mettupalayam & ITC Ltd (Paper Products Division); one of the best in Agri-Business for high yielding trees for Energy Plantations help in a better realisation for the farmers willing to adopt modern techniques in farming.

While Goal is to fulfil all our fuel requirements through Energy Plantations we covet in ensuring a green tomorrow.



To be amongst the Top Three Green Power generating companies in India and be acknowledged as a professional, socially responsible and economic power generator.



To generate Green Power through Renewable Energy sources viz. Biomass,   Small   Hydro,   Solar   and Wind, delivered at competitive price while achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders with the committed participation of all employees and meeting environmental norms