Small Hydro

AME  is  implementing  run-of-the-river  small  hydro  electric  projects  that  avoid  displacement  and  rehabilitation  of villages.  Such projects are in line with the underlying philosophy of the group to be environment-friendly and maintain ecological balance through a sustainable model.

AME has commissioned its first Small Hydro Electric Project (SHEP) in Karnataka at the Sonathi Barrage across River Bhima near Shahapur town of Yadgiri Districts. This is a run of the river project envisaged to utilize flows available in the River Bhima for about 6 - 8 months in a year.  The project has an installed capacity of 3 units of 4.5 MW each.  The power generated in this project will be transmitted through a 17 km long, 110 kV single circuit transmission line on double circuit towers to the 110 kV KPTCL substation at Khanapur.

Salient features of the Sonathi SHEP:

Installed capacity: 3 x 4.5 MW
Unit capacity: 4.5 MW
Design head: 9 m
Type of generating unit:

Horizontal S-type full Kaplan turbine connected to synchronous generator through speed increasing gear box

Annual energy benefit: 42 Million units

AME is currently developing another 9 MW Small Hydro Electric Project at the existing Yadgiri Barrage which is also across River Bhima in Karnataka, downstream of the Sonathi SHEP.

AME has identified small Hydro Electric projects in Orissa along the rivers Brahmani & Kurhadi and is in the final stages of obtaining licenses for these projects of total capacity of 30 MW.

AME  has  initiated  steps  for  acquisition (Obtaining / getting)  of licenses  for implementation  of small  hydro  electric  projects  in Karnataka,  Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.

Capacity : 3 X 4.5 MW;
Water Source : River Bhima;
Date of commissioning:  Dec 2011


To be amongst the Top Three Green Power generating companies in India and be acknowledged as a professional, socially responsible and economic power generator.



To generate Green Power through Renewable Energy sources viz. Biomass,   Small   Hydro,   Solar   and Wind, delivered at competitive price while achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders with the committed participation of all employees and meeting environmental norms